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Diky  CF Santa Clara

A quick note from Sal:
Coming back from Vegas on the plane, I came across a magazine that had these interesting shoes for sale(below). The shoes got me thinking about the different types of shoes we wear at the gym. We all have our preference when it comes to workout shoes. Some of us like the Nike free, others like Chucks or converse, and a lot of us wear whichever shoes feel comfortable.

What type of shoe(s) do you wear when you do Olympic lifting and when you do your Metcon?

I will Start…….



Not going to speak on these specifically. Just note that they are ridiculous.
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Co obnáší trénink jednoho z těch nejzdatnějších?

Active Shoulder
GM Food
What is CrossFit?

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Jestě potřebujete motivovat? Tak tady je jedno video.

Insufficient Vitamin D
Sports Investment Opportunity

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Něco na koukaní i na zamyšlení

Back to the cave
The China Study: Fact or Fallacy?

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Vaše modly pro letošní rok…


1st Place: Graham Holmberg

2nd Place: Rich Froning Jr.

3rd Place: Chris Spealler


1st Place: Kristan Clever

2nd Place: Annie Thorisdottir

3rd Place: Valerie MacKenzie Voboril

Affiliate competition

1st Place: CrossFit Fort Vancouver


1st Place: Brian Curley masters mens competition

1st Place: Laurie Carver masters womens competition

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Pro přestávky ve vysílání z LA

What’s in your protein drink
Getting lean
Supporting performance and recovery

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Tak doufám, že sledujete

2010 CrossFit Games
Free Live Webcast

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A je to tady!!!

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A zase to běhání, dneska jsme si s tím trochu pohráli v Rigrácích

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