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The Whole9 : “The unsupported claims, inflated price points and aggressive sales tactics of products ranging from recovery beverages to “fat burning” pills to meal replacement drinks can make the vast nutrition marketplace more than a little confusing. And it becomes even more challenging when those hawking the products are well-known fitness brands imploring you to put your health in their hands.”

70’s BIG : “I get a lot of questions about nutrition and supplementation, and I’m more than happy to share my opinions on the subject. However, I find myself typing out basically the same thing as a response nearly every time. If only I had some sort of platform where I could just write it all out once, so I could just send people the link later, right?”

Confession of a CrossFit Coach : “All of these definition pretty much fit the role of what happens AFTER we work out. Why is this important? Well, think of it this way: We spend roughly 1 hour working out, but 23 hours recovering. That’s 4% vs 96% of our day.  Personally, I’d say recovery should be on everyone’s mind a LOT more.  We, as Crossfitters, do a fine job of demolishing ourselves on a near-daily basis, but we should be even more cognizant of how to recover properly.  So we can do it again.  :)”

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