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29-12-2013  1600-2000

30-12-2013 0630-0900 & 1600-2100

31-12-2013 0900 jen / only

01-01-2014 1600-2000

02-01-2014 0630-0900 & 1600-2100

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Chcete kruhy? Dřevěné, České? Jan, Tel.: +420608982695

” Vítejte na našich stránkách.
Nabízíme dřevěné, gymnastické kruhy od českého výrobce, nejvyšší kvality, za nejnižší možnou cenu.
Kruhy jsou bez nátěru, což zaručuje maximální pevnost úchopu, kterou lze ještě zvýšit pomocí magnesia.

Ke kruhům dodáváme kvalitní popruhy švédské výroby s rychloupínací sponou pro snadné nastavení délky a s velkou nosností 400kg-jeden popruh.

Více zde: “

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Jeff Martone 234 Snatches w/24kg

“Got some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS CrossFit KettleBell and Tactical Athlete founder Jeff Martone set the North American Record this weekend with 234 Snatches with a 24kg Bell (53#s). This was complete in a 10 Minute set where he was only allowed to switch hands once. To see the video Click on the Link below to see a Gritty 10 minute display. I feel very lucky to have Jeff as a friend and Mentor, especially one who is still banging it out and showing the young guys how to do it. Jeff will also be competing in the Ringside Masters World Boxing Tournament in Kansas City this March (yeah thats whats up). And I figured what better way to get some more NorthWest exposure for Jeff then to have him back out here at Morgan Junction CrossFit on February 15th and 16th for a ADVANCED CrossFit KettleBell Instructors course. Jeff will be in attendance to to this Cert and if you guys havent had a chance to work with him I HIGHLY recommend it. You can click on the Link below to Register. Now to qualifie for the ADVANCED Instructors Course you must have first completed the CrossFit KettleBell Instructors Course AS WELL as the CrossFit Level 1 Certification. Now lucky for everyone in the NorthWest and abroad that has yet to complete the CrossFit KettleBell course we have you covered. Myself and Multi Master of Sport KettleBell Lifter Marissa Luchau will be leading a Cert for Andrew Bueno at Foundation CrossFit January 25th-26th. To register for that event Click the following Link. Anyone who has taken either of theses course can tell you about the wealth of information you can learn at them as well as a Sunday Programming lecture on how to properly apply KettleBells better in your CrossFit facilities. Don’t miss out on these course if you’ve yet to attend.”

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Central Europe Throwdown 2014 – Q # 2

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From ” justinforatrip “

” Crossfit Around the World
Crossfit Around the World, Part 5: Russia + Central Europe “

I was worried that with this setup the sense of community might have been reduced by the individualism, but I was pleased to find that it was not. There were so many members coming and going that there were always people working out at the same time. And of course, many align their schedules in order to do their WODs together.”

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CrossFit – A Champion Returns

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