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From RobWolf :

Paleofication: Just Because The Label Says Paleo Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy…


“All Right folks, hang on to your britches.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone on an epic rant about a food related topic, but it’s about to go down. I’m not changing my overall philosophy and still believe that there are no EVIL foods, BUT there are a few things that need to be talked about – so brace yourself, this is may hurt.

In our happy little Paleo world we like to ridicule and point out the major flaws of the whole low-fat and fat-free craze that went down in the 90’s and early 2000’s – and there’s definitely merit to our arguments. Fat free cheese, muffins, ice cream, salad dressings, margarines; reduced fat peanut butter; Snackwell’s cookies (although the devil’s food ones were pretty damn tasty…); Lean Cuisine; pretzels and even fat free candies like jelly beans and licorice got the green light while nuts, avocado, olives and most meats were blacklisted. Food manufacturer’s made LOTS of money and America got fatter. While we ate up all these seemingly healthy processed foods we neglected NATURALLY low fat and fat free fare – you know- vegetables, fruit, lean meats… So, basically what we did was trade REAL FOOD for packaged, processed, sugar heavy, unsatisfying junk all because we were being told it was good for us AND we could eat as we wanted and not get fat. BONUS!!! Well, that ended up not working out real great in the end, right? We moved AWAY from real food to stuff that tasted good and that was quick and convenient (because grabbing a bag of frozen veggies and a can of tuna was WAY too much work…).”

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