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From Dawid Kujawski…

Hi CrossFit Praha

Here is Dawid form Poland
This year we organise first time a competition, 3-days event where we try our best to keep high standards.

LOGinLAB – gonna take a place in small city Krotoszyn in Poland and we wish to invite some foreigners.

Check out the videos and hopefully you will like it and maybe can share it with you athlets.

Prize 1000€.

Monday we started signing up for our competition.
Anybody can start and we provide „all inclusive” standards.
Here you can check the Video:

LOGinLAB – 2nd Day of qualification
Let’s rockin’ the WOD!

If anybody can help as an volounteer that would be great. If anybody would go to compete that awesome smile emoticon


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CrossFit Games Update: Week 1

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Dear Mark: Sugar for Stress Relief, and Weight Loss Releasing Toxins


“For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering two questions. First, a new study out is one of the first (and maybe only) to show that acute sugar consumption can reduce the normal cortisol increase we experience in times of stress. Interesting stuff, eh? Find out whether I think this is a good thing, a potentially useful “hack”, or, given our collective tendency to overthink things and embroil ourselves in stress stews, a recipe for disaster. Next, we’ve all heard that weight loss releases stored toxins and environmental pollutants into our bodies, but is there any science that actually shows this is happening in people losing weight? And if we are releasing toxins by losing body fat, does that mean keeping the weight on is actually healthier? Find out down below…”

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The Worst Nutrition Advice in History?

” Nutrition history is riddled with nonsense.

People have been advised to do all sorts of strange things that challenge common sense.

Some of these things are not only useless, but potentially harmful.

The worst part… a lot of this misguided advice is still being pushed.

Here are the top 5 contenders for the worst diet advice in history.

1. Throw Away The Egg Yolks, The Most Nutritious Part of The Egg

Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Just think about it… the nutrients in a whole egg contain all the building blocks needed to turn a single fertilized cell into an entire baby chicken… “


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Atlantic Regional: Day 3

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Soutěž – Competition

CrossFit soutěž

Info o soutěži:

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