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Squat Stance

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Sugar +++

Sugar, quite possibly is the leading cause of disease and disfunction we see from a health standpoint in the course of the last 200yrs. Making it public enemy number one. Most who will read this, have a basic understanding of this. From Vegans, to Paleo, now even the First Lady gets it. Sugar bad, real food good. Hell, the medical community is even jumping on the bandwagon. See, we can all get along.

Our bodies absorb sugar fast! Think racing fuel, but don’t get hung up on the analogy as racing cars don’t last long. This product comes in many different forms. Sucrose, fructose, dextrose, glucose, etc… Each of these types of carbohydrates has a commonality. They absorb fast and shuttle things into the cells by raising insulin levels. One of the more important things shuttled is hydration (among several other things). Another is it helps add mass to tissue if ingested post workout. Hence why so many products have these ingredients. They are a fast way to get things done. It is no surprise that they are cheap and fueled by a shit ton of ca$h.

People are becoming more and more aware that food is the gateway to health. Some won’t have that ability based on the information being provided in the areas they live, and when you live below the poverty line, guess what costs less money to eat? Real food or cheap processed foods that use carbohydrate sources like the above mentioned. Subsidized corn farm anyone? Sad as it can be, it isn’t real food once it’s been processed. Yet id bet, most people reading this know this and eat a fairly complete diet that is made of real food. After all we exist in the 1% of the population that does not need to really understand that sugar and simple carbohydrates are bad. Right? Oh yeah…


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