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listen to your body

Education and courses:

I studied medical school

I started do CrossFit in 2009

2011 Indoor Rowing (Level 1 - CrossFit)

2015 Fitness Instructor - Normand academy

2015 Weightlifting Trainer

2016 Movnat Level 1 and Level 2

2019 Spiral stabilization (Sm system)

Competition achievements:

2012 1. place NO excuse Challenge

2012 2. place Reebok CF Fitness Championship in Krakow

2012 Fit as fuck in Copenhagen in teams

2013 1. place Czech Beast

2014 I started do weightlifting in the team Bohemians Praha

2014 2. place Czech beast in teams

2014 4. place NO excuse

2015 2. place CR weightlifting Championship 23 years

2015 3. place CR weightlifting Championship in women

2016 1. place 1. women's weightlifting league

2016 2. place Czech Beast in teams

2017 2. place 1. women's weightlifting league

2017 2. place Adriatic throw down in Croatia in teams

2018 2. place 1. women's weightlifting league

2019 3. place Elite battle of Brno in teams

2019 2. place 1. women's weightlifting league

2021 2. place 1. women's weightlifting league 

My Story

How did I get to CrossFit? Actually, by a coincidence. I met my friend, who was training athletics in Riegrovy sady at the time. Coincidentally, Zdeněk Weig(founder of CrossFit in the Czech Republic) started to do CrossFit with few people there. He returned from the USA with his family and he was looking for someone who would teach their children Czech. He offered it to her but she didn't have time, so it was an opportunity for me. I didn't hesitate for a long time and I took it . We started with teaching and at the same time with training. Even today, I remember one of the first training sessions, when we did lunges all over the oval. As I walked down the stairs, I almost killed myself. My legs broke like matches. I wasn't used to such a drill before. When I was little, I did karate and played basketball, but this was quite different. I've always been tempted to know how much I can lift and compete mainly with the boys.


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